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A Smarter
Protected Car

Get peace of mind in knowing where and how your vehicle is being driven and recovering your vehicle faster in the event it is stolen. With real-time location, personalized alerts, 24/7 Stolen Vehicle Recovery support, and helpful maintenance reminders, CarRx takes the worry out of car ownership.

Theft Protection

Know where your car is in real-time and specify virtual boundaries to be alerted if your vehicle enters or exits an area. If your vehicle is lost or stolen our 24/7 Stolen Vehicle Recovery Hotline is on standby to assist so you can recover your car faster.

I just want to thank you for your app, a couple of weeks ago my car was stolen at gun point. We and the police were able to retrieve my car in about an hour!

Alicia B.

I don’t normally buy add-ons for my vehicles, but I’m so glad that I bought this one. If it wasn’t for you guys my truck would have been somewhere deep in Mexico. I want to buy a system for all my cars now.

Customer from Riverside, CA

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Scheduling Service Has
Never Been Easier

CarRx makes it fast and easy to schedule your next service appointment directly from your smartphone.


Schedule Service

Simply tap on any Schedule Service button located throughout the app to schedule service with your dealer.


Select Service Type

The app will automatically select any service your vehicle needs while allowing you to select additional services.


Select Appointment Date & Time

Select your desired date and time for service and receive a notification once your appointment is confirmed.

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