4 Tips for Closing Sales Using Car Inventory Software

The process for buying a new car is almost unrecognizable to what it once was. Typically, when a prospective buyer began searching for a new vehicle they would head to the dealership – not the internet. While the rise of digitization has presented its challenges, it has also made dealers better positioned for success than ever before thanks to modern technology driving the industry forward and creating more profit. In this article, we’re detailing how dealerships can leverage car dealer inventory software and other digital aids to reach more customers and close more sales. 

Use Computers or Tablets in the Sales Process

Today, the process of buying a car starts from the customer’s phone or computer. Once they’ve done their research, then they head to the dealership to get their first look at the car. Up until this point, the entire process has involved technology, delivering a streamlined experience. Don’t disrupt the already tailored experience once they step foot on the lot. 

According to a study by J.D. Power, the mere presence of technology at your dealership has shown to increase customer satisfaction. Using tablets to easily access your DMS and car inventory software while on the lot guarantees your salespeople valuable insights throughout the entire sales process. Approaching the sales process in a modern way will leave a positive impression on customers – ultimately helping your team secure more sales. 

Offer Added Safety Features

While IoT and autonomous vehicles are having their moment, there’s still one feature that is non-negotiable for many new car buyers: safety. A Consumer Report survey shows that car buyers are less enthusiastic about cars that drive for them and more focused on advanced safety features. Car dealer inventory software is helping car dealers offer even more safety features to prospective buyers including vehicle diagnostics, such as why the check engine light is illuminated or if the battery is low, maintenance alerts, and theft protection if the unthinkable happens. Such software that offers these capabilities can be sold as add-on features to the customer’s vehicle. 

Nail the Test Drive

First impressions are everything. When it comes to selling a new car, the test drive is the crucial piece of the process. Yet many salespeople still overlook this simple, yet valuable, step in the car buying experience. First things first: know where the vehicle is. Car dealer inventory software gives dealers real-time visibility into their lot or across multiple lots. When a customer comes in for a test drive, they can easily locate where the vehicle is as well as obtain vehicle insights such as fuel and battery levels. Ensure your customer has an optimal test drive experience to get you one step closer to closing the sale. 

Utilize Mobile Communication 

While customers spend a considerable amount of time buying a car, it’s dismal compared to the amount of time they will spend servicing the vehicle. Continued service and maintenance is a major pain point for prospective car buyers, who will spend roughly 50 hours having it serviced during their time of ownership, according to a McKinsey report. When choosing a dealership, buyers are interested in the continued experience that will be provided after leaving the lot. 

Does your dealership offer maintenance services? If so, how easy will it be for prospective car owners to use these services? Features within car dealer inventory software can simplify the routine maintenance and service experience. These features are not only a selling point for buyers but an opportunity for added profit for dealers. Add this technology during the sale and dealers benefit by having a direct connection to their customer’s vehicle for life, giving them the opportunity to send personalized messaging and service alerts.  


New car dealers are in a much better position today than ever before. With the rise of technology, dealers can eliminate the pains of the typical selling and buying experience through utilizing mobile communication and gaining real-time visibility into their assets. If you are interested in what car inventory management software can do for your dealership, schedule a demo with us to discover how Elo GPS and CarRx can help you streamline your operations, close more sales, and add additional profit to your dealership.