5 EV Charging Tips for Summer

Gearing up for a road trip in your electric vehicle? Trying to maximize your charge for a long commute? Or are you just trying to maintain your battery health while cruising around town? 

EV batteries and extreme temperatures don’t mix well. If you live in or are traveling to an area that heats up in the summer months, you’ll want to be cautious about your charging habits. No matter where you’re taking your EV this summer, we’ve got you covered with the best EV charging tips for hot weather. 

1. Keep Your Car Charged at Mid-Range 

Although energy storage solutions are improving every day, lithium batteries are finicky. Charging your vehicle to 100% at every opportunity might sound like a good idea, but fully charging and fully draining your car of power can be detrimental to the car’s battery health

To avoid creating unnecessary stress on your battery pack, try to keep your car charged between 30-80% capacity. 

2. Try to Avoid Superchargers 

It might be tempting to stop off at every rapid charge station you see along your route and gain some quick miles while you grab a coffee. But rapidly charging your car causes your battery to heat up, which in turn causes the internal cooling system to kick in and your battery to deplete. 

Supercharging your vehicle can also have the same effect on your battery as overcharging. While the occasional quick charge is fine, it’s best to use supercharge stations with caution. 

3. Charge at Night

Not only does charging in the hot summer sun strain the power grid, but it also strains your car battery. 

Charging at night, or in a nice shady space, will help you get the most out of your charge without your internal battery cooling system drawing away energy. 

4. Slowly Charge While You Sleep 

Home chargers might not be as fast as rapid charge stations, but level 1 and 2 chargers are perfect for gaining a slow and steady charge while you sleep. 

Keeping your car plugged in also saves you from losing charge overnight. Certain electrical processes, like the battery cooling system, run even when the car is turned off. Keeping your car plugged in prevents these processes from draining your battery.

5. Plan Your Route Accordingly 

One of the most important EV charging tips we can offer is to plan your route ahead of time. If you’re thinking of taking a longer trip this summer, plan ahead by mapping out the charge stations along the way. The last thing you want to happen on your getaway is for your car to lose power on the road. 

To prevent a dead battery, and to put your range anxiety to rest, set your navigation system to call out charging stations on your drive. Carry a charging cable in your car in case you find yourself needing a boost between stations. 

Before leaving for a long trip, it’s always a good idea to address any car maintenance needs. Check out our blog on EV maintenance tips to find out more.

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