5 Stolen Car Recovery Facts Drivers Need to Know in 2022

As discussed in our blog on car theft statistics by state, recent reports on stolen cars have been on the rise across the country. But, perhaps just as important as knowing whether you live in a high car theft area is knowing what your chances are of recovering a stolen vehicle. Let’s take a look at five must-know stolen car recovery facts. 

5 Must-Know Car Recovery Facts 

1. You have a 56% chance of seeing your stolen vehicle again. 

According to recent reports, the national recovery rate for stolen vehicles was 56.4% in 2020, signifying a notable increase from 46% in 2012. This higher recovery rate is perhaps due to a greater volume of connected, trackable cars on the road, or better law enforcement tracing methods. Conversely, 2021 was a record year for stolen vehicle reports, up 73,000 cars from the previous year. 

2. Washington has the best stolen car recovery rate.  

Washington state ranked number one in stolen vehicle recovery with a startling 71% recovery rate, followed by Utah, South Dakota, Nevada, and California. Interestingly, although California has a relatively high stolen car recovery rate (60%), the state also ranks fourth in the worst states for car theft nationally. 

3. Michigan is the worst state for stolen car recovery. 

At the other end of the spectrum, Michigan ranks last for stolen vehicle recovery with just 19% of all stolen vehicles ending up back with their owners. Michigan is joined at the bottom of the list with Pennsylvania, Arkansas, Alabama, and Mississippi. If you’re a car owner in any of these states, take extra precaution with smart anti-theft techniques and a stolen vehicle tracking device. 

4. Not all car insurance plans cover car theft costs. 

Whether you’re covered for car theft or not is entirely dependent on what kind of insurance you have. For example, a comprehensive coverage plan will help pay for losses when a car is stolen, but limited liability coverage won’t. 

Comprehensive coverage allows you to receive a refund for the depreciated value of your stolen car (minus your deductible), get stolen parts replaced, or have any damage from theft or break-in repaired. If you live in an area with a low stolen car recovery rate, it might be wise to look into comprehensive car insurance plans. 

5. Car insurance rates increase in high car theft areas. 

Unfortunately, comprehensive rates generally increase in states with low stolen car recovery rates. Car insurance rates are determined much like any other insurance policyby risk. Car insurance providers assess your risk by looking at a few individual factors, including the type of car you drive, your driving record, your credit score, and your location. 

Premiums are calculated based on your registered zip code and the correlating car theft rate. Although a comprehensive plan might be a bit more expensive, the cost of the assets it covers makes it worth investing in. 

Stay Protected with a Stolen Vehicle Recovery Device 

Stolen vehicle recovery devices and systems are always a good idea, especially for drivers who currently live in high car theft states. Stolen vehicle technology uses global positioning systems (GPS) to assist local authorities in vehicle recovery, making it one of the most valuable technologies for drivers to possess. 

Elo GPS provides drivers with security and peace of mind knowing their car is enabled with real-time location data, a 24/7 stolen vehicle recovery hotline, and dedicated recovery specialists. To learn more about vehicle theft prevention and recovery with Elo GPS, connect with our team to find a dealership near you.