5 Ways a GPS Location Tracking Device Can Monitor the Safety of Drivers

Millions of drivers are on the road, all with varying degrees of spatial awareness, reaction times, and attention. While you can’t predict or control the behavior of other drivers, you can take preventative measures in your own life. Installing a GPS vehicle tracking device can assist in analyzing various driving metrics to monitor how your loved one’s safety and driving conditions.

Why Driving Technology is Needed

GPS devices are becoming more sophisticated, allowing users to track car location, view prioritized maintenance notifications, and even set speedometer alerts. These features are especially valuable for monitoring the driving habits of at-risk drivers.

Student drivers aged 16 to 18 need extra monitoring to keep them accountable and to keep them safe. According to various studies, teens are more likely to be in a fatal accident within their first two years of driving. Additionally, they are 10 times more likely to be involved in a fatal car crash than their adult counterparts.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, senior drivers are another at-risk demographic that can benefit from GPS vehicle tracking devices. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, seniors in their 70s drive off-route more often, take 40 percent longer to respond to a vehicle warning, and take 40 percent to 70 percent longer to read road maps. Especially with the elderly, it can be difficult to know when driving restrictions are needed. 

Implementing a simple vehicle monitoring device can help assess driving behavior. GPS systems are now equipped to deliver real-time location tracking, vehicle safety, and maintenance notifications, and programmed with driving limitation alerts for individuals who require extra monitoring. GPS systems allow you to keep tabs on an individual’s driving abilities while providing them a sense of freedom and you with a sense of security.

Protect At-Risk Drivers with Elo GPS 

Elo GPS is a comprehensive, GPS-based system developed to help you protect your loved ones. The software connects to your phone, computer, or tablet via an app to provide real-time updates about the vehicle. Elo GPS assists at-risk drivers in five key ways:

  1. Real-Time Location Tracking

The real-time location tracking features allow users to track the car and report its whereabouts. The app displays current location, previous trips according to date/time, and events that the device has registered. Events include directional changes, stops and starts, and more. With this feature, parents can ensure that their child made it to school safely.

  1. Geofencing

Geofencing technology assists in setting up guidelines for vehicle usage. This technology allows users to set virtual boundaries and get notified if the vehicle exits the designated perimeter. For example, users will be alerted if a senior driver gets lost and exceeds a designated perimeter – ensuring that they always have insight into the whereabouts and safety of their loved ones. 

  1. Speedometer Monitoring

The speedometer monitoring feature allows you to analyze driving habits by setting speed alerts when the vehicle speedometer crosses a designated threshold. If a teen reaches an unsafe speed or a senior driver is driving significantly under the speed limit, a notification will be sent directly to your smartphone.

  1. 24/7 Stolen Vehicle Recovery Hotline

Elo GPS includes a 24-hour hotline where drivers can contact a team of recovery specialists to locate the car.  If a loved one loses their car or becomes the victim of car theft, they can call the hotline and the Elo GPS Stolen Vehicle Recovery team will work with law enforcement to assist in vehicle recovery once a police report has been filed.

  1. CarRx Health Scan & Appointment Scheduling

Teen and senior drivers are less likely to have a strong understanding of car maintenance. Luckily, Elo GPS’ CarRx features help guide them every step of the way with diagnostic reports that not only display the problem but provide a detailed explanation with the best course of action regarding how to fix it. These comprehensive reports help drivers and loved ones assess the state of their vehicle and schedule a service to prevent unexpected break-downs.

Start Monitoring Safety with a GPS Vehicle Tracking Device

Implementing a smart GPS tracking system helps you monitor driver safety while simultaneously restoring freedom. To learn more about how Elo GPS can best fit your needs, connect with us to find a dealer near you to get started.