A Car Service Maintenance App is Key to Protecting Your Lot During Extreme Summer Heat

The Pacific Northwest and Western Canada experienced record-breaking heat waves in June, and they’re only going to continue as August approaches. Oregon reached an all-time high of 116 degrees Fahrenheit. Seattle also reported an all-time high of 108 degrees. This record breaking heat is especially problematic for car dealerships who invest in lots with over 1200 vehicles, all of which bake in the sun for weeks and even months. When the outside temperature reaches 80 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit, the vehicle’s internal heat reaches 130 to 172 degrees, resulting in irreversible damage. Assessing health with a car maintenance service app and initiating preventative measures can protect lots and save money on fixing sun-induced damage down the line.

Effects of Heat on Cars 

The sun’s heat and rays cause internal and external damage, requiring increased vehicle maintenance. Extreme summer heat can:

  • Shorten the battery’s usable life
  • Evaporate and deplete car fluids including oil, gas, and transmission fluid
  • Damage radiators, leading to coolant leaks 
  • Cause overheating
  • Crack and fade paint and finish
  • Damage interior, including cracked leather, warped plastic parts, and more

6 Steps to Protect Your Lot During Extreme Summer Heat 

The following steps can be taken to mitigate the effects of extreme heat on your lot. Investing in minor preventative steps can save dealerships thousands in the long run.

  • Change Oil Frequently

Intense summer heat will evaporate oils, requiring more frequent oil changes. Lubricating engine parts prevents engine parts from causing friction and overheating. While alternating the type of oil used is unnecessary, maintaining general car health is essential in selling quality cars to happy buyers.

  • Use Shading Mechanisms

Whether it’s a large shade structure or interior windshield shades, lowering the temperature of vehicles and minimizing sun exposure can save money. The interior of a vehicle when exposed to direct sunlight can reach 195 degrees. When vehicles remain in the sun for days, they experience fluid depletion, drying and cracking interior, fusing of parts, and more.

  • Apply a Coat of UV-Resistant Wax

Adding a protective layer of wax will prevent the paint from fading or cracking in the heat. Adding a layer of protection between the sun’s rays and your product will ensure that you deliver a quality vehicle to your consumer.

  • Apply a Coat of UV-Resistant Tire Coating

Tires are not only over-exposed to the sun’s rays, but they constantly make content with the hot asphalt. Between heat and UV rays, tires are prone to drying and cracking. Adding a layer of UV-resistant tire wax can save $400 in tire replacements per vehicle on the lot.

  • Apply Leather Protectant

Leather is a staple of luxury vehicles, and leaving it to dry, fade, and crack in the sun can hinder sales. Leather cleaners and conditioners have been developed to treat the interior and protect it from the effects of heat waves. 

  • Assess Health with a Car Maintenance Service App

Using an inventory management or car maintenance service app can assist in assessing the state of vehicles on your lot. When you don’t have the time to individually check each car’s tire pressure, oil, transmission fluid, etc., assessing health virtually is an easy alternative.

Gain Visibility Into Your Lot with a Car Maintenance Service App

Elo GPS provides real-time insight into the status of vehicles on your lot for optimal inventory management. Easily accessible via desktop, mobile, or a tablet device, Elo GPS assesses various health checks for each vehicle including oil levels, tire pressure, engine status, and more. Save time, energy, and stay ahead of costly repairs by gaining visibility into each of your vehicle’s health status without manually checking each. To discover more about preventing future lot maintenance expenses, schedule a demo.