About us and our mission

CarRx by Elo GPS makes owning, securing and maintaining your vehicle easy.  Granting you real-time insights into your vehicle’s location history, current whereabouts, driving behavior, and even valuable information regarding your car’s health through our Mobile App, transforming your car into a smarter, safer, and seamlessly connected ride.

We’re passionate about creating a safer and more connected drive
for you and your family.

About Connected Dealer Services

Connected Dealer Services, creator of CarRx by Elo GPS, is a connected car technology company focused on making the sale and ownership of vehicles the best experience for everyone.

Connected Dealer Services’ advanced vehicle telematics provide franchise car dealerships and drivers in North America with more information about their vehicles than ever before. From Inventory Management, Lot Security, Vehicle Recovery, and Service Retention Marketing solutions for dealerships to consumer benefits for drivers including theft protection, vehicle diagnostics, and easy service scheduling from a convenient mobile app.

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