How Your Car Dealership Can Utilize an Automated Marketing Strategy

If your dealership isn’t using automated marketing by now, you might want to rethink your marketing strategy. Automated marketing, or the use of automation technology in your marketing processes, is a growing trend in the business world and can substantially reduce the time involved in ongoing marketing campaigns. 

Currently, around 51% of businesses are utilizing automated marketing. Of these businesses, nearly 63% outperformed their competitors and 77% of business owners experienced an increase in conversions after using marketing automation software. 

In this blog, we’ll look at some of the most popular automated marketing tactics to generate leads, nurture customers, and increase the overall ROI in your car dealership. 

Implementing Automated Marketing in Your Car Dealership 

There are a number of ways to start using automated marketing tactics in your car dealership, with new automation software being released every day. Let’s go over some of the most common and effective ways to use automation in your marketing strategy.

Email Campaigns 

One of easiest ways to introduce automated marketing to your car dealership is through automated, personalized email campaigns. 

Automated email marketing is a powerful strategy that allows businesses to target specific audiences and tailor messages to individuals. There are countless automated email marketing platforms that allow businesses to track leads, gather customer data, and optimize email campaign launches. While this marketing strategy is more involved than others, email campaigns are one of the most effective ways to drive revenue. 

SMS Marketing 

Similar to email marketing, automated SMS marketing allows car dealerships to send audiences customized text messages with offers, promotions, or reminders. 

Automated text message marketing has grown in popularity over the last decade, as businesses enjoy the ease of use and simplicity of automated SMS software. Not to mention the average open rate for an SMS campaign is an impressive 98%, compared to 20% for email campaigns. However, limited character space means text messages must be shorter and more concise. 


Automated chatbots are popping up everywhere. In fact, chatbots are currently the fastest-growing conversation tool amongst businesses. 

While chatbots have been used primarily as a customer service tool, they also show promise for increasing sales. Recent reports show that 41% of consumers are using conversational marketing tools like chatbots for purchases. You can use automated chatbot marketing in your dealership to increase customer satisfaction, nurture customers, and drive revenue. 

App Marketing 

Dealerships are starting to realize the power that automotive applications can have on business revenue. According to recent reports, app ad spend hit $295 billion in 2021, with a 23 percent growth year-over year. 

Leveraging automated push notification and in-app marketing in your car dealership marketing strategy is a smart decision if you’re looking to drive return customer sales. Instead of wasting money pushing advertising to a wide group, automated app marketing allows you to target current and past customers who have a vested interest in your products and services. 

With tools like the CarRx app you can even highly target automated marketing campaigns to reach out to customers exactly when service is needed. Being able to extend an offer to schedule service right when a customer is due or has a check engine light substantially increases your chances of bringing a customer back to your dealership for service and can be done without expensive advertising.

Drive Dealership Revenue with CarRx

Interested in implementing one of these automated marketing strategies but don’t know where to start? When used with Elo GPS, the CarRx app for drivers automatically runs automotive diagnostic scans, sends recommendations for vehicle maintenance, and enables users to schedule maintenance at your dealershipright from their smartphone. 

This innovative software allows your customers to keep a pulse on vehicle health and helps drive revenue directly to your service department. Take the guesswork out of automated marketing. Talk to one of our representatives about Elo GPS with CarRx to get started.