Bring the Heat: How to Boost Your Sales this Summer

Summer is around the corner, and with it, comes a surge in car sales. But, as an auto dealership, you must be prepared to make the most of this prime selling season. To ensure that your dealership is the go-to destination for car buyers, follow these essential tips to create an appealing and comfortable customer experience. 

Spruce Up Your Dealership Lot   

First impressions matter. A report from startup funding source Faster Capital says, “First impressions are incredibly important because they provide a firm foundation for future interactions. People are hard-wired to form opinions quickly, and those initial judgments can have lasting effects on the way they interact with a company in the long run.”  

So, plan for long-term relationships by ensuring your dealership lot looks inviting and well-maintained. This includes landscaping, on-site maintenance, and regular spring cleaning. Keep the grass trimmed, plant flowers, and remove any debris. In addition, ensure all signage and promotional materials are up-to-date, clean, and visible. A welcoming environment will draw customers in and set the stage for a successful sales experience.  

Create Comfortable Waiting Areas   

Customers will appreciate a relaxed and comfortable place to wait during the hot summer months. Set up shaded areas with misters, air conditioning units, and fans to keep your clients cool while they wait for their test drive or appointment. Offering cold beverages and comfortable seating will also help create a positive atmosphere encouraging customers to stay and browse.  

Brush Up on Sales Training   

Summer sales can be competitive, so ensuring your sales team is equipped with the latest techniques and knowledge is crucial. As CBTNews says, with dealership inventories growing, “sales process training is more important than ever.”   

So, you’ll want to invest in sales training to help your team effectively communicate with customers, showcase the unique features of your vehicles, and close deals. A well-trained sales force will be able to understand customer needs better, build rapport, and ultimately drive sales.  

Implement Elo GPS for a Seamless Sales Experience   

Incorporating innovative technology like Elo GPS can significantly enhance the customer experience while keeping them out of the heat.   

This cutting-edge dealership GPS solution allows salespeople to locate vehicles quickly and efficiently, reducing the time spent searching the lot in the scorching sun. Elo GPS also offers other benefits, such as theft prevention, inventory management, and remote vehicle diagnostics.   

And all of these features can be transferred to the new owner, providing you with a long-lasting customer relationship and adding value at point of sale. And the customer has a smarter way to connect and protect their new or used vehicle. 

Historically, summer is an excellent opportunity for dealerships to boost sales and build lasting customer relationships. By focusing on the presentation of your lot, creating comfortable waiting areas, investing in sales training, and implementing Elo GPS, you can ensure that your dealership is ready to sizzle this summer. Embrace these strategies and watch your sales heat up during the prime selling season.