Could Your Vehicle Dashboard Soon Look Like an iPhone?

Suppose you opened the door to your new car and the digital cockpit and HD screens immediately matched your iPhone’s operating system colors, type choices, and, if you wanted, a background photo. The interior lighting would take on a hue of your choice, and based on your preferences, Siri would welcome you and ask if you would like the temp set at 72 degrees on your way to the office—and maybe suggest a coffee since you didn’t sleep as well last night. We may not be that far away 

Who in the Industry is Making This? 

At Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference in June, “Apple previewed the next generation of its in-car app mirroring technology, which will soon be capable of taking over the car’s displays and infotainment functions — from the speedometer to the seat heaters,” according to  

Google is also eager to join this new area, with nearly a dozen automakers and auto-parts suppliers, including Stellantis, Honda, BMW, Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi, and General Motors’ GMC and Chevrolet brands, according to the Wall Street Journal.  

From being able to pay for fuel from your infotainment screen with GooglePay or ApplePay to continuing the series on YouTube, this new concept from Apple is revolutionary, potentially changing how journeys in our cars feel.  

By adapting your car’s dashboard generic screen to your chosen operating system, you can be sure that your technological experience behind the wheel will be tailored to meet your expectations. And any vehicle would have the potential to fit your look and feel immediately. For example, if your family had one car, everyone could have their look. If you used your friend’s vehicle, it would feel like your car.  

We know our phones are like an extension of ourselves, so we may be headed on the road to giving our vehicles the same treatment by making them personalized and customizable, just like our other tech products.   

Imagine controlling where you go and how you get there, all with a few simple swipes and taps on a familiar operating system touchscreen.   

What Connected Car Features do we Already Have? 

Vehicle Health: Connected car technology allows us to keep track of vehicle health, such as tire pressure, engine diagnostics, oil levels, and more. We now have the ability to keep tabs on everything going on under the hood and more with just a few taps on our phones. Allowing us to know exactly what is wrong and how to best keep our cars running smoothly.

Navigation & Maps: Navigational systems can be used to find your destination quickly with driving directions from A to B through the vehicle’s infotainment system.   

Entertainment & Music: You can stream your favorite songs these days all through your car’s adjusted user interface. Keep a customized layout of exactly what you like, all tailor-made to your preferences so that when you drive off it’s to your style.  

Anti-Theft: Connected car technology also provides some peace of mind for drivers. Vehicle tracking systems can be used to monitor a vehicle’s location, allowing users to track its whereabouts and alert authorities if it gets stolen.   

Safety & Assistance: Connected cars have the ability to provide drivers with real-time driving assistance, such as detecting pedestrians, traffic, collisions, and other hazards along the way.  

Location Tracking: You can now leave stores or events and not worry about remembering where you parked your car. Geo-locating has made it easy and convenient to find the precise location of your car so you spend less time honking your alarm in a crowded parking lot and more time getting on your way. 

Family Settings: With connected car technology you can also keep family in mind. Teen driving alerts and custom settings allow you to set notifications and track the history of driving habits of your child’s driving so you can make sure your vehicle, and most importantly, young drivers, are safe. 

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