Dealer Theft is on the Rise, Auto Dealer Inventory Management Software is Your Solution

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), car theft in the United States has been rising at a rate of 4 percent over the past decade. In 2019 alone, over 720,000 vehicles were stolen, and it’s reported that only about 40 percent of the cars stolen from dealerships are ever found and returned. 

As vehicle technology advances, so are the ways thieves are taking advantage of insecure dealership lots. With the widespread adoption of keyless entry and other auto advancements, the days of simply smashing windows or hotwiring vehicles are gone. Experts predict the ways in which criminals are capitalizing on dealership inventory are much more sophisticated than a decade ago. Consequently, it is more important than ever that dealerships take advantage of advanced solutions to keep inventory secure and prevent unnecessary losses. 

What is an Auto Dealer Inventory Management Software?

Securing auto dealer vehicle assets is an ongoing challenge. The bigger the lot, the easier for thieves to capitalize on unsecured inventory and the more difficult for managers and owners to keep track of vehicles. Luckily, with continued GPS innovation, dealers can now adopt a worry-free approach to tracking the entire vehicle lifecycle with an auto dealer inventory management software.

An auto dealer inventory management software, such as Elo GPS, is a simple solution that gives new car dealers a comprehensive approach to managing their entire fleet while maintaining a direct connection to the vehicle post-sale. Elo GPS allows dealers to know exactly which vehicles they have in stock and where they’re located on the lot. Additionally, dealers can create geofences around their lots and set up alerts when a vehicle has left a designated perimeter, allowing real-time location tracking across the entire fleet. 

Auto dealerships can further reduce risks by monitoring dealer loaners or staff vehicles for reckless or unsafe driving habits. For example, the system can send email alerts when vehicles exceed user-defined speed levels. These are just a few ways in which an auto dealer inventory management software can boost your business and maintain profits. 

Key Benefits of an Auto Dealer Inventory Management Software

  • Locate any vehicle on or off the lot in real-time
  • Instantly view, locate, and recover any missing or stolen vehicles
  • Instantly view and locate any loaner or demo vehicles
  • Receive instant alerts on vehicles that travel outside of your designated lot perimeter
  • Receive battery and fuel alerts to ensure vehicle readiness for test drives 
  • View any vehicle in real-time across the United States and Canada
  • Monitor safe driving habits of loaner and staff vehicles

As one of the leading auto dealer inventory software management systems on the market, we help dealers and drivers keep their precious cargo secured with advanced GPS solutions. Engineered exclusively for new car dealers, Elo GPS’ auto dealer inventory management software helps auto dealers protect their vehicle assets, manage inventory, reduce costs, improve service retention, and much more. Contact us today to learn how to secure your lots and grow your business with Elo GPS.