Lot Management

Close more sales with CarRx

We all know nothing kills a sale faster than not being able to locate the vehicle a customer wants to test drive or worse, encountering a car that won’t start.

After spending thousands on advertising to bring in customers, a single bad experience can lose a customer for life. Our powerful lot management tool can make sure potential customers have a hassle-free experience and vehicles are ready to impress.

Battery & Fuel Level Reporting
Sell Cars Faster + Boost CSI
Sales & Inventory Health Dashboards

Say Goodbye to Inventory Hassles with Our Complete Lot Management System

Know Where Your Assets Are

Instantly locate any of the vehicles in inventory for customers, audits, and service needs, from any device. No more wasted time walking lots looking for a vehicle.

Say Goodbye to Battery Woes

Our automated voltage reports and alerts help manage the health of your batteries to save you time and money.

One of our dealership groups saved over half a million dollars in one year just by not having to replace batteries as often.

Dealerships nationwide trust us

These tools have made inventory audits easy, saved us a ton of money on battery replacements, and help us give our customers a top-notch sales experience. The CarRx Campaign Manager was easy to learn and gives us a way to know exactly which customers need service and send a personalized offer – amazing marketing tool.

National Dealership Group

CarRx by Elo GPS has significantly improved our gross margins. We’ve also seen an increase in first-service business and dollars per RO in our service center with the addition of CarRx. It’s been a game changer for our dealership.

General Manager, Texas Nissan Dealership

Transform Your Inventory Management Costs into a Value Add for Your Customers with Our Lot Management Solution

Add Substantial Customer Value at POS

High Customer Demand For Added Vehicle Security

Add Substantial Customer Value at POS

High Customer Demand For Added Vehicle Security