Dodge Keyless Car Theft

Dodge muscle cars have become an increasingly popular target for car thieves due to their high value and the ease of creating cloned key fobs. In recent years, reports of stolen Dodge Muscle cars have been rising in cities and towns across America, resulting in millions of dollars worth of losses per year. 

The process used by criminals to steal these vehicles involves cloning a legitimate key fob already programmed to start the vehicle and then using it to gain access and drive away with the car. Cloning a key fob is relatively easy and can be done without prior experience or knowledge. All it takes is a device that can read and copy signals from existing keys, widely available online for as little as $25. 

The key fob cloning process involves the criminal using the device to intercept and copy the signal from a legitimate key fob, which is then programmed into another blank key fob. This cloned key can access any vehicle equipped with this security system. Once inside, the thief has unrestricted access to the vehicle’s features, including its engine and transmission. 

Due to the ease of cloning a key fob, it is becoming an increasingly popular method for stealing Dodge Muscle cars. In fact, recent estimates suggest that up to 30% of all stolen vehicles in America are due to cloned keys. As a result, Dodge has developed new security measures to help protect owners from having their cars stolen by thieves including adding some additional security to reduce the engine output of the vehicle and limit thieves’ ability to duplicate keys on newer model years. 

Regardless of the model year, owners should take extra precautions when securing their vehicles. For example, regularly checking the car doors, windows, and trunk for signs of tampering is recommended.  

Keyless theft has become increasingly common in recent years, so it’s essential to be aware of the risks. 

As new vehicles incorporate keyless technology, and thieves become more advanced at utilizing technologies, this crime has become much more frequent and manufacturers like Dodge are having to constantly adapt to the latest security risks.

If you drive an electronically keyed car, it is essential to be aware of the potential risks; there are several ways that thieves can steal a vehicle even without access to its key fob. By being educated about popular methods of breaking into keyless entry cars, drivers can reduce their chances of falling victim to this type of theft and take precautionary measures to ensure their vehicle’s safety before anything bad happens. 

Consider a Secondary Theft Protection System. 

If you’re considering the purchase of a new or used Dodge muscle car or any vehicle, there’s an extra layer of protection that you can put in place to deter thieves even as they continue to find new ways to hack security measures—installing a hidden secondary vehicle location and recovery system like Elo GPS. Beyond just locating your vehicle, Elo GPS’ Nationwide 24/7 Vehicle Recovery Hotline work with you and directly with law enforcement to help you recover your car faster 

The Elo GPS average recovery time is under four hours. Our dedicated team of trained recovery specialists enables you to navigate the stressful stolen vehicle reporting and recovery process to get your car back as quickly as possible before it is damaged or stripped for parts. 

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