Hibernation is over: Time to hit the ground Running on the New Season

Do you hear that? It’s the sound of spring coming into full bloom and summer being just around the corner. Now is the perfect time for your dealership’s sales team to shake off any hibernation-induced sluggishness and come out ready to tackle a new season with energy. With the strategies below your employees can make 2023 the best season yet for your car dealership. 

It’s no secret that the automotive industry experiences sales hibernation from time to time. Now, during these off-seasons, dealerships may find themselves in a sales slump, which can be particularly challenging for sales professionals who are used to consistently making sales. But implementing some of the strategies below will help your dealership and employees adapt and make the most out of every customer interaction even during slower sales periods. 

Technology is key 

Every time we blink it seems like there is a new technological marvel improving an industry in many ways. And that can, without a doubt, be said for the auto industry. Today dealerships have a wide array of tools at their disposal. 

Lot Management Tools 

It is now easier than ever to implement a lot management tool into your dealership. Not only does it majorly reduce the legwork when it comes to keeping track of your inventory, it also helps improve the sales process when facing a customer. Using a lot management tool, your sales team can locate cars for a customer in an instant to speed up the sales process. Less time looking for the car, a better customer experience, and less time outside in the elements.  

Enhanced Safety & Security Features 

Two of the things that a customer is looking for above all else is that you are knowledgeable and that you care about them. And two of the biggest concerns for customers about car ownership are maintaining and protecting their investment.  

Theft Protection: We’ve all seen the news. Rampant reports on car thefts nationwide. Cars being stolen in broad daylight in new and surprising ways. No one has seen this in the news more than your customers. Reassure them that the new investment that you want them to drive off the lot is protected and backed by a reputable car security device.  

Vehicle Health: Offering a vehicle health monitoring technology solution added to the vehicle demonstrates that you care about the customer’s peace of mind in helping them know when maintenance is needed to keep their car running smoothly. 

These features not only are great connected car features to turn over to your customers but can also benefit your lot. Dealerships are not immune to car theft, as we’ve seen. Plus, the customer seeing that use these features on your own lot shows the product’s value to your customer.  

Invest in Training 

With many dealerships operating with a smaller staff in recent years, it is key to invest in training and development opportunities. Training is critical to the success of any sales team, and if you’ve let this area slide, it’s time to provide your team with new skills and knowledge to help them succeed. For example, you can offer training programs focusing on new sales techniques, customer service, and product and technology knowledge to empower your sales team to increase sales. 

Rewards and Recognition 

Now, let’s talk about incentives and rewards. Incentives are an effective way to motivate your sales team. Your dealership can offer a range of financial and non-financial incentives, such as recognition and special privileges, to encourage outstanding performance. When you create a competitive and rewarding environment, you motivate your team to perform at their best. 

The Time is Now 

At the start of every season, there are changing trends, and it is important for your dealership to be up to date. Investing in the right technology, team training, and rewards will get your sales team out of their seasonal hibernation, bringing more customers and sales your way. By staying ahead of trends and proactively taking steps to ensure that your sales team is fully prepared for the upcoming season you can help keep those sales figures at their maximum potential.  

Find a Technology Partner 

If new technology sounds like it could have a big impact for you, then consider a technology partner like Elo GPS and CarRx that can provide a variety of solutions based on your needs.  

Our cutting-edge technology delivers Lot Management, Stolen Vehicle Recovery, Vehicle Health Monitoring, and Service Retention products that grow your revenue through the entire vehicle lifecycle and keep your customers coming back. 

If you would like to learn more, contact our team today for more information.