Dealers for Veterans: Helping Hire Heroes USA Secure Quality Jobs for Veterans

In 2019, the US veteran unemployment rate was at a record low of 3.1%—unfortunately, this progress was nearly undone in 2020 with rates soaring to 11.7%. As the COVID-19 pandemic forced businesses around the country to close their doors, many veterans, as well as their spouses and family members, were left jobless.

Approximately 270,000 service members transition out of the military each year. Without effective transition assistance, many face unemployment, financial challenges, and even homelessness. Helping veterans find quality jobs remains a high priority in 2022, which is why Connected Dealers Services is proud to partner with Hire Heroes USA.

Hire Heroes USA

Employment assistance is the number one requested service from transitioning military members. Hire Heroes USA is a non-profit organization that empowers US military members, veterans, and spouses to succeed in the civilian workforce.

Founded in 2005, Hire Heroes offers individualized career coaching, professionally written resumes, mentoring, workshops, a job board, career fairs, and other assistance to job-seeking veterans and military spouses. Through public donations and private grants, Hire Heroes USA is able to help tens of thousands of veterans and military spouses find meaningful careers each year—free of charge.

Hire Heroes USA clients are invited to register online and choose the right program for them. After registering, military members, veterans, and spouses are paired with a Transition Specialist to receive personalized assistance and gain access to free services like mock interviews, a job sourcing database, and career events.

In 2021, Hire Heroes USA experienced a record-setting period of success:

  • 18,000 veterans assisted
  • 12,549 veterans gainfully employed
  • $62,839 average starting salary, the highest in the organization’s history
  • Veterans changing careers after using Hire Heroes USA services received an average of $27,304 more than they were previously making
  • Surpassed 65,000 confirmed hires since 2005

Dealers For Veterans + Hire Heroes USA

Connected Dealer Services’ non-profit program, Dealers for Veterans, has partnered with Hire Heroes USA in an effort to increase support for the organization’s mission of helping military and veteran personnel find success in the civilian workforce.

Since the launch of Hire Heroes USA, Dealers for Veterans has contributed more than $10,000 to the organization.

“Dedicated partners like Connected Dealer Services make our mission to empower our nation’s veterans and military spouses possible. Their contributions have provided sustainable and purposeful careers to numerous veterans and military spouses, strengthening communities and the nation through their investment. We are grateful for their outstanding support of military families.” — Ross Dickman, Hire Heroes USA Chief Operating Officer.