How A Vehicle Recovery Device Can Help the State of Car Theft

Car theft is a significant issue reported by the FBI annually. Even though auto theft had reduced by 43 percent between the years of 1991 and 2019, auto theft cases reported in 2020 have risen, according to the Insurance Information Institute. In 2020, cases of auto theft in the US were up by 9.2 percent, from 721,885 to 873,080 vehicles. The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) has analyzed 2020 data from the FBI and concluded that the rise in auto theft is related to the pandemic, economic downturn, and fewer public safety resources. However, a vehicle recovery device is helping to successfully protect owners nationwide in the fight against vehicle theft.

 Features of a Vehicle Recovery Device

 Vehicle thieves are developing more sophisticated methods to steal cars. They can acquire smart keys or even change the vehicle identification number on vehicles. Thankfully, new technology is keeping cars smarter, safer, and more connected. 

A vehicle recovery device is a small, preinstalled device that is efficiently helping car owners locate missing or stolen vehicles. The device is especially helpful for new auto dealers as the hardware is difficult to tamper with by a thief. 

 As one of the nation’s leading vehicle recovery device providers, we offer comprehensive solutions to keep vehicles safe and secure. With Elo GPS, new auto dealers can leverage this technology to secure all of their dealership assets. The configurable hardware and intuitive application give dealers and managers instant visibility into their lots with real-time location tracking, theft protection, and more. 

Additionally, the hardware can stay installed and sold to the customer post-sale. This helps drivers keep their vehicles safe and secure once they drive off the lot. Through smart vehicle alerts, real-time vehicle tracking, and a Nationwide Stolen Vehicle Recovery program, both dealers and drivers can feel smart, secure, and safer than ever before. 

 Smart Alerts

Smartphone access empowers dealerships to know exactly where their vehicles are as well as their current maintenance levels. Through smart alerts, dealers can instantly receive battery, fuel, geofence boundary, maintenance, and service alerts on their vehicles, all through a simple dashboard and mobile app. Having this data provides an extra security level and peace of mind to your daily business activities.

 Real-Time Location Tracking

 If a car goes missing, how does your dealership currently go about locating it? By leveraging GPS-based technology, dealers can instantly see where their vehicles are to assist authorities. If a thief is driving the car, advanced GPS-technology gives you visibility into the car’s location and helps a dealership work with authorities to safely recover the vehicle.  

 Theft Protection

 Investing in a vehicle recovery device can limit the damage to valuable assets and prevent losses by helping to locate the vehicle in an effective and timely manner. 

When a vehicle goes missing, the first thing to do is file a police report.  Elo GPS’ 24/7 Stolen Vehicle Recovery Team works directly with law enforcement to recover the vehicle as soon as possible. The team provides coverage throughout 98 percent of North America and offers a dedicated 24/7 support center that helps you use real-time tracking to locate cars.

Start Protecting Your Vehicles Today

 Installing a vehicle recovery device into your vehicles is one of the most effective ways to protect your dealership’s assets. Let us assist you in ensuring the long-term protection of your vehicles. To learn more about the benefits of Elo GPS or how to get started today, connect with us to schedule a demo.