How New Auto Dealerships Can Improve Customer Experience

New auto dealerships are no strangers to the importance of customer experience, yet they are also the ones who have plenty of room for improvement. Between aggressive upselling tactics, confusing sales strategies, and inefficient test driving procedures, stepping foot on a dealership’s lot can be a pretty intimidating experience. Thankfully, advancements in technology, such as auto inventory software, is helping to improve the overall car buying experience.

As much as you might not want to admit it, customer experience is everything. Regardless of industry, the experience you provide customers has a lasting impression. Not to mention, that impression can have a significant effect on your bottom line. In this article, we’re discussing the customer experience challenges plaguing the auto dealer industry and how integrating advanced technology, such as auto inventory software, into your sales strategy is your simple solution.

Is Your Dealership Providing Value?

Aside from buying a new home, purchasing a new car is one of the biggest expenses someone will make in their lifetime. As a result, customers are seeking out dealerships and salespeople who will make the process as painless as possible. In fact, they’re willing to pay more for a better experience. According to a study by CBT News, 54 percent of consumers say they would buy from a dealership that provides a better experience compared to lower prices. This shows the value in a positive customer experience; therefore, your dealership should work to ensure you are fulfilling your customer’s needs.

Take Advantage of Technology

Once you’ve looked internally and ensured that your salespeople are driving the best possible customer experience, it’s time to look outward at your other existing processes. Are your operations streamlined? Are you utilizing advanced technologies, such as auto inventory software, to your advantage? Believe it or not, many areas driving down the customer experience can easily be solved with the help of integrated technology. 

Let’s use a common dealership experience as an example. Your customer has just walked into your dealership hoping to purchase their dream vehicle. They already know the make, model, and maybe even color, and are eager to finally get a test drive. Seems like an easy enough task to fulfill, right? But watch how things can quickly go south. 

Now, your lot has hundreds of vehicles. You know their dream car is somewhere on the lot, but where exactly is it located? Your salesperson thinks they have an idea, so they spend the next 20 minutes aimlessly walking around the lot in search of the vehicle. In this time, your customer is growing increasingly impatient as they anticipate the car being located. Thankfully, your salesperson found the vehicle in a somewhat timely manner. But as they slide into the driver’s seat and put the key in the ignition, what welcomes them? A dead battery. 

These common, yet often overlooked processes can be what’s standing in the way of your dealership gaining a new customer or not. By integrating advanced technology, your dealership can avoid some of the common roadblocks your employees face during the sales process. 

The Benefits of an Auto Inventory Software

An auto inventory software can help your dealership streamline operations, improve sales performance, and increase productivity. GPS-based systems, such as Elo GPS, allows staff to sort and search through vehicles on the lot in real-time. Employees can sort vehicles by make, model, year, and even stock number, and locate the vehicle instantly using the software’s location tracking. No more wasted time walking around the lot looking for a vehicle.

Additionally, searching for vehicles isn’t limited to the office. Searches can be done at the sales desk or from your smartphone. Meaning that if your customer expresses interest in another vehicle while on the lot, you can easily locate the vehicle without heading back to the office.

Let’s not forget about maintenance checks. Auto inventory software can give your staff insight into the fuel and battery levels of all vehicles on the lot, allowing your salespeople to avoid delays in the test driving process. Focus more on closing sales and less on your inventory’s maintenance status.

Driving Value Beyond the Lot

The customer experience doesn’t end when they drive off the lot. In fact, it’s equally as important to harness the value of the great customer experience you created once their vehicle has been purchased. With auto inventory software, your dealership can extend the customer experience beyond the lot. Customers who decide to keep the software configured in their new vehicle allow dealers to keep a direct connection to the vehicle for life. This allows dealers to send automated and customized service campaigns to customers while they schedule service appointments with your dealership directly through mobile apps such as CarRx. Keep your customers coming back to the dealership for all of their vehicle’s needs, driving value and profits back to the lot.


The customer experience is important. It’s critical that your dealership is leveraging all of the tools available to harness the best value to your customers on and off the lot. As one of the leading auto inventory software companies on the market, we work with dealerships across the nation to realize their full potential through innovative technology. Get in touch with us to learn how Elo GPS can improve your dealership’s customer experience or to schedule a demo.