How to Prevent Keyless Car Theft: 5 Methods

Today’s car thieves aren’t picking locks or breaking windows, they’ve become tech savvy just like the vehicles they steal. 

When drivers traded their old-school keys for keyless entry fobs, many thought they were investing in a car invincible to theft. Much like the case with any new and emerging technology, they were wrong. This left vehicle owners wondering how to prevent keyless car theft when thieves no longer needed to mimic or acquire a key to enter. 

Unfortunately, no vehicle is invincible, and thieves have brushed up on their technical skills to prove just that. Motivated by surging used car prices and the resale value of precious metal-manufactured car parts, automobile theft has evolved. 

On average, a vehicle is stolen every 43.8 seconds, over 50 percent of which are configured for keyless entry. 

Traditional Theft Tactics Are Out the Window

Car thieves are no longer resorting to smashing and grabbing techniques. Key fobs and other remote entry technology has resulted in new car theft tactics.

Thieves use relay boxes, jam fob signals, and program fake fobs. 

Relay crime requires the use of wireless transmitters to relay the signal from the fob to the car. This technique requires two accomplices. One stands outside of a house, near the fob, and the other stands near the vehicle. The signal from the fob is amplified and transmitted to the individual next to the car, assuming the effect of a fob in close proximity.

Signal jamming is frequently used to jam the signal from a fob to a car, such as a signal directing the car to lock. Once inside the vehicle, tech savvy thieves can also use the fob port to program a blank fob, enabling it to function as a normal key. 

How to Prevent Keyless Entry Car Theft 

Vehicle owners should be vigilant and leverage best practices to prevent keyless car theft. Reference the following steps when you park and exit your vehicle. 

  1. Take your keys with you on short trips.
    Running back inside for a jacket? Take your keys with you. Idle and unattended cars are a target, especially if their keys are sitting in the cupholder. According to CNBC, during 2019 more than 10 percent of vehicles stolen had the keys left inside. 
  2. Confirm that the vehicle is locked.
    Be aware of lock signal jamming technology. Your car should have its own sound or visual notifier when your car is locked. Make sure that you get these alerts before walking away from your vehicle. 
  3. Keep keys away from the car or front door.
    We all have that table by the front door where we keep keys for quick and memorable access. Unfortunately, this location is not only convenient to you, but also to thieves. To prevent relay crime, relocate the key fob to another room from where the signal cannot be transmitted. 
  4. Store car items in hidden places.
    Criminals are not always after the vehicle itself, but rather the valuable items within it. To reduce motivation, store valuable items out of sight and out of mind.
  5. Install GPS Location Tracking
    When GPS location tracking systems are professionally installed, they are completely hidden from the view of thieves. In the event your vehicle is stolen, the system will remain undetected by the thief, expediting car recovery after a police report has been filed.

Keyless Theft Recovery

Elo GPS offers a real-time location tracking system coupled with stolen vehicle recovery service. Our 24/7 vehicle recovery hotline facilitates speedy vehicle recovery, providing drivers with peace of mind. Once a police report has been filed, our team of recovery specialists will work with local law enforcement to recover the vehicle in a safe and timely manner. 

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