How To Sell More Cars by Warming Up Your Winter Sales Strategy

It’s the holiday season. Every dealership large and small is running promotions and ushering gigantic Christmas presents off the lot with big red ribbons. Customers are full of cheer and business is better than ever. 

When the new year rolls around the corner and sales teams begin popping champagne to celebrate the end of yet another chaotic sales season, February comes. Sales floors can be as empty as the lot outside, leaving dealerships wondering how to sell more cars after the holiday season. 

Most dealerships experience the seasonal spike around the holiday only to be met with a plummet in sales during January and February. When the hustle and bustle of the largest gift-giving season is over, here are some creative ways to warm up your sales strategy.

Be Front and Center While Others Hibernate

Though many dealerships hibernate as inventory replenishes, downtime during the slump provides a great opportunity to refine your sales strategy. 

The first step in the consumer journey is research. By placing your business front and center online, you have better odds of being seen and considered. 

Dealerships can begin by updating their website, optimizing content, placing paid search ads, or launching a post-holiday email campaign. In any message you create, always have a phone number or a scheduling link readily available. 

Winterize the Buying Experience

Once the prospect arrives at your doors, there are a number of ways you can make the experience an enjoyable one.

One of the biggest hurdles in winter sales is weather. People don’t want to walk around dealerships in the cold. Even worse, due to health safety practices, many dealerships permit only one individual to be present during the test drive, meaning any friends and family who arrived with the driver will be left behind at the dealership. 

With this in mind, your dealership can stand out above the rest by providing hot beverages, comfortable seating, and outdoor heating. Providing comfortable options will also lengthen the time customers spend at your dealership, increasing the likelihood of a purchase.

Leverage connected vehicle technology devices like Elo GPS to quickly locate a vehicle on the lot and make sure it is ready to go with fuel and battery level data so there’s no time wasted walking around in the cold.

Right People, Right Message, Right Time

This is the perfect opportunity to re-engage old prospects — the ones who requested more information on a vehicle, went on a test drive but never made a commitment, or filled out a contact form. 

Because the average driver spends 89 days assessing options, past prospects may still be in their search.

Make It Easier

Another major step in how to sell more cars is adjusting the sale itself. Many drivers dread the closing process of tireless negotiation and endless paperwork. 

According to research, more than 59 percent of drivers will buy from a dealership with an easier, less time-consuming buying experience. 

By preparing digital agreements and expediting a seamless sales process, your dealership can not only close more deals, but win return service.

Reinvent the Wheel

Of course, selling more cars is often dependent on the salesperson. Revitalizing and adjusting your sales strategy can deliver significant results. 

The customer has done their research before they step through your doors — about nine hours’ worth. Ask them about what they found, relate to their struggles, and be prepared to counter by knowing competitor data. 

Personalizing the sales experience can deliver five to eight times the ROI and lift sales by 10 percent.

Reallocate Discounts

While inventory and vehicle sales may be slow, service is in high demand during winter months. Your dealership’s service department can offer discounts on service to incentivize a winter tune-up. 

Maintain a Direct Link to Your Customers with Elo GPS with CarRx

Selling vehicles with systems like Elo GPS with CarRx enables a direct connection to past customers and their vehicles to boost return service. With access to the customer and their vehicle, you can send push notifications to the right person at the right time. 

Has it been five months past their last oil change? About time for additional service? Elo GPS with CarRx provides the opportunity to reach out with the right offer.

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