Rapid Response: The Crucial Role of Stolen Vehicle Recovery Support Teams

Vehicle thefts are surging at an alarming rate. To put it into perspective, the NCIB reported that nearly 500,000 vehicles were stolen nationwide in the first half of 2023 alone. Certain states, such as Illinois, have seen thefts spike by as much as 38% during the same period.

Auto thefts by state

Dealerships, unfortunately, have borne a significant brunt of this surge. These thefts aren’t just financial blows; they erode trust, introduce logistical challenges, and heighten concerns for both dealers and customers. The repercussions are even more troubling when thefts involve stolen identities, as seen in places like Southern California.

When vehicles from your inventory are missing, the speed of your recovery system becomes critical. This is where CarRx steps in. Our Stolen Vehicle Recovery Support system is more than just a tool—it’s our commitment to you: “We’ve got your back.” 

Round-the-Clock Stolen Vehicle Recovery Support You Can Count On 

Having a responsive and efficient ally is crucial when theft threatens your inventory and profit. Our US-based Stolen Vehicle Recovery call center is more than just a helpline—it’s a dedicated team of recovery experts ready to act quickly when vehicles go missing. 

With CarRx, you always have a dedicated partner at your side. Our team, designed for dealership needs, acts swiftly and purposefully. The focus is always on facilitating rapid communication and ensuring prompt vehicle recoveries. 

We understand that thieves don’t operate on a schedule, so neither do we. Our system monitors your lots 24/7 and will notify you of unusual activity or movement. Set geofences around specific lots and alerts for movement outside of business hours to quickly detect potential issues. And in the event a vehicle has been stolen, our call center will jump into action at any time, day or night, to assist in recovering your vehicle assets. 

CDS Team Photo

Seamless Coordination with Law Enforcement 

We understand the vital role that coordination plays in the recovery of stolen vehicles. Our team works hand-in-hand with law enforcement agencies every step of the way, ensuring seamless communication and collaboration. From the moment a theft is reported, we initiate immediate contact with the authorities, sharing real-time updates and valuable insights. This close partnership enhances law enforcement’s response efforts, significantly increasing the chances of recovering stolen vehicles. By maintaining this constant dialogue, we reinforce our commitment to keeping your inventory secure and standing as a reliable ally in your dealership’s fight against theft. 

Increase Customer Value: CarRx’s Commitment to Dealers and Drivers 

For CarRx by Elo GPS, Stolen Vehicle Recovery Support is at the heart of what we do. Our dealership partners not only protect their lots with our system, they extend this theft protection and vehicle recovery support as an added value to their customers during the sale. This provides an assurance of trust and safety to employees and every customer driving away in an Elo GPS-equipped vehicle. 

In regions with escalating vehicle thefts, offering CarRx to customers showcases a dealership’s deep-rooted commitment to the safety of its drivers. With CarRx, customers can protect their investment and have peace of mind and a reliable safety net.

In choosing CarRx by Elo GPS’s Stolen Vehicle Recovery Support, dealerships don’t just make a business decision; they pledge unmatched dedication to their customers’ safety, security, and satisfaction.