What Is a Stolen Vehicle Recovery Device?

“I swear I parked it right here.” 

These are every car or dealership owner’s last words before they realize they may have become a victim of auto theft. Unfortunately, this misfortune is all too common, with vehicles reported stolen every 43.8 seconds in the U.S. 

Despite preventative measures, theft is still an unfortunate reality of every-day life, a reality that many don’t prepare to handle. 

Rather than sitting and waiting for the call from police that your car has been found, there are proactive means of enhancing vehicle recovery before theft even occurs. 

A vehicle recovery device is a simple yet effective tool in assisting authorities and expediting the safe recovery of your vehicle.

How Does a Stolen Vehicle Recovery Device Work?

A stolen vehicle recovery device is a telematics system that leverages vehicle tracking technology to assist in vehicle recovery. Simply put, these devices use Global Positioning Systems (GPS) technology to locate, track, and recover stolen vehicles. 

There are two main types of GPS technology: passive and active. While passive GPS can only record location data to be downloaded and analyzed, meaning that it is not capable of real-time location tracking. Active GPS, on the other hand, enables the real-time location tracking capabilities essential for vehicle recovery.

When working in tandem with a vehicle recovery system or service, such as Elo GPS, vehicle owners reap the greatest rewards. 

Expediting the Safe Return of Vehicles 

Gone are the days of manually running license plates and waiting for the vehicle to appear. These sitting duck methods of recovery contribute to a shockingly low vehicle recovery rate of 59.3 percent. By leveraging the collaborative efforts of a GPS technology-enabled vehicle recovery device, local authorities, and a vehicle recovery system, car owners can observe great results with some devices experiencing  90 to 94 percent recovery rates.

First, GPS technology expedites vehicle recovery, providing peace of mind to the vehicle owner. Rather than waiting by the phone or constantly checking the National Crime Insurance Bureau (NCIB) VINCheck page for recovery status updates, vehicle owners can rest assured that their local authorities have the right tools in place for a safe return. 

Second, with sophisticated real-time location tracking technology, authorities have a greater likelihood of recovering a vehicle before it has been damaged, re-sold, or scrapped for parts. 

Technology Designed to Optimize Recovery

While hindsight is 20/20, you can proactively equip your vehicle with the technology to enhance recovery before a theft occurs.

Elo GPS is a vehicle recovery device and service all in one. Not only do vehicle owners benefit from having a real-time location tracking solution, but they also have access to a dedicated team of vehicle recovery specialists via a direct hotline

Connect with our team to see how best-in-class service and technology can equip you for the day you may be a victim of car theft.