The Car Buying Experience: This Time it’s Personal

When it comes to selling cars, one of the most important factors that helps close a sale is building a connection with potential customers.  

Personalization is the key to establishing trust and making customers feel comfortable, which can lead to a successful sale. So, let’s explore different personalization approaches your dealership sales teams can use to build relationships with customers and provide a great sales experience.

People Like Hearing Their Name 

Using a customer’s name is one of the simplest and most effective ways to connect with customers. People respond positively when they hear their name because it means you took the time to listen and remember them.  

When a salesperson uses a customer’s name often during a conversation, it shows they pay attention and care about the customer’s needs. Simply referring to the customer in this personal way during initial sales or during a callback can build a stronger sense of trust and connection. 

Follow Up with a Video 

Following up with a customer via video can also be an effective personalization tool. For example, when a customer expresses interest in a particular car, a salesperson can send a short walk-around video showing the previously discussed features and benefits all while tailoring the video to their discussed needs and desires in a vehicle.  

This can help the customer visualize themselves in the car and have increased confidence in making a decision on whether the vehicle is a good fit for their needs. Additionally, it shows that the salesperson is willing to go the extra mile to help the customer find the right car. 

Keep Track of Your Customer’s Preferences 

Another personalization approach is to take the time to get to know your customer’s needs and preferences. By asking questions and actively listening to your customer’s responses, a salesperson can tailor their approach to meet the customer’s specific needs.  

Keeping notes on these preferences is essential. So, an effective CRM system will assist you.  

For example, if a customer is looking for a car with good gas mileage, a salesperson can highlight the fuel-efficient features of a particular vehicle. 

Creating a personalized customer experience can also involve making small gestures that show the sales team values their business.  

This can include offering a complimentary beverage or snack, providing a comfortable waiting area, or even giving customers a small thoughtful gift at the end of a successful sale.  

These small touches can make a big difference in how customers perceive their overall experience with the dealership and help improve CSI scores.  

Take The Customer Experience Up a Notch 

A skilled sales team with a firm grasp on personalization can also take the sales experience up a notch by using inventory management tools to speed up the sales process and ensure that customers have a better experience than the standard lengthy process. A lot management platform like Elo GPS can instantly locate a car down to its exact spot on a lot. No customer or salesperson wants to be out in the elements too long, weeding around, looking for the right vehicle or hoping it’s ready to go. Knowing where your inventory is and the battery and fuel level of each vehicle before you walk a customer out to a car makes sure there are no unexpected surprises and lets your team focus on providing exceptional service.