The Rise in Car Dealership Thefts and How to Protect Your Vehicle Inventory

More and more car dealerships are becoming targets for thieves looking to score big hauls of vehicles. Dealership theft cases have been on the rise in recent years, with an estimated $300 million worth of vehicles stolen from dealerships in the United States each year. Currently, a theft occurs every 40.9 seconds. 

While there are no surefire ways to protect your dealership from being targeted, there are some steps you can take to help deter thieves and safeguard your inventory. Here’s what you need to know about the rise in car dealership thefts and how you can protect your business. 

Dealers Are High-Value Targets 

Car dealerships have become ground zero for an escalating motor vehicle theft problem. The reasons for this are multifaceted, ranging from the rise in car key cloning to lax security protocols adopted by some dealerships.  

Many vehicles stolen from these premises are believed to be destined for overseas markets, although there is also evidence of domestic buyers around the country taking full advantage of the situation. Nevertheless, it’s a worrying trend requiring urgent intervention on multiple fronts if it is to be controlled. Otherwise, frequent thefts could leave many dealerships with unprecedented damage and significant financial losses. 

How To Deter Would-Be Thieves

Protecting an automotive dealership is essential. Not only does it protect the inventory, but it also helps maintain a safe and secure environment for staff, customers, and visitors as well. Fortunately, many steps can be taken to reduce the chances of theft.

  • Install surveillance cameras: Cameras throughout the premises to track external and internal theft. With the installation of surveillance equipment, you’ll be able to monitor activity around your lot, allowing for quick reactions to any suspicious activity. As this Illinois dealership discovered, you can prevent theft and other problems by installing security cameras and hiring security personnel.
  • Hire Private Security: Security guards can also provide added protection through their presence alone and their ability to conduct routine vehicle inspections and detect potential intruders. 
  • Limit Key Access: Limiting access to your inventory keys through a lock box and tracking them through a system like KeyCafe can help detect any discrepancies in vehicle record keeping. It also tracks where the key was, the time, and who had it. 

Elo GPS locate your car

  • Lot Management & Security Systems: One measure with the lowest overhead and fastest impact is setting up a lot management security system. Installing a proactive system like Elo GPS for your inventory will protect your vehicles and assist in recovery if a vehicle is stolen. Allows you to set geofences that alert you and security to any unauthorized removal of a car from the lot or deviation from any test drive routs. And, with Elo GPS, you can offer the same benefits to customers who buy from you. So, they’ll have the exact real-time location of their new car and assistance with recovery. It could be your best investment for your inventory. 

In addition, these measures will signal to potential criminals that your site is not an easy target, deterring them from attempting to steal or vandalize your property. These preventive measures could save you time, money, and aggravation in the long run. 

Protect Your Assets

Car dealerships are an increasingly common target for thieves looking to steal vehicles, and the problem is only getting worse. To protect your dealership’s inventory, it’s important to take preventative measures, such as installing security cameras and using Elo GPS.

By implementing a secure anti-theft device like Elo GPS on the vehicles in your inventory, you are taking that step beyond to securing your lot and all the assets you care for. Connect with our team to learn more about how Elo GPS can be the right security tool for your dealership.