What’s the Difference Between a Vehicle Recovery System and a Recovery Device?

There are more than 282 million vehicles registered in the U.S., and 78 million of the cars on the road are equipped with vehicle tracking technology, a vehicle recovery system, or both. 

In one of our previous blogs, we’ve discussed in detail how vehicle recovery devices work, but how are they different from vehicle recovery systems? Often used interchangeably, these two terms are actually describing different types of functionality, design, and how they’re used.

What Is a Vehicle Recovery Device?

As a refresher, a stolen vehicle recovery device is the physical device installed discretely inside of vehicles to help with recovering a stolen vehicle. These devices leverage GPS and other telematics vehicle tracking technology to identify the geographic location of a car. Recovery devices often operate as a piece within a larger vehicle recovery system.

What Is a Vehicle Recovery System?

Also coined a vehicle recovery service, a vehicle recovery system is the way in which individual recovery technologies interact to aid and improve the chances of recovering a stolen car. A vehicle recovery system frequently includes a connection between a device, a user interface (such as an app or website), and a service that is either automated or connects you with a team of recovery specialists to help recover the vehicle.

For example, systems like Elo GPS include a real-time location system, an easy-to-use app on any tablet or PC, a 24/7 recovery hotline, and trained recovery specialists that are able to assist you in taking the right steps to start the recovery process with local law enforcement.

The Vehicle Recovery System and Device Interaction Effect

While it’s possible to recover a car using the installed recovery device, a vehicle recovery system leverages the device’s capabilities and collaborates with police to help more quickly and safely recover the vehicle and ease emotional stress naturally involved in theft. 

By using a combination of GPS-enabled devices, recovery systems, and local authorities, drivers have experienced significant results with recovery rates as high as 90 to 94 percent

Trusting the Process

If your vehicle is stolen, a vehicle recovery system will initiate a five-step recovery process.

1. Call the Police

Contact your local police department and file a report with the information they will need.

2. Contact the Recovery Service or Hotline

If available in their system, a recovery agent will document the theft and guide you through the next steps.

3. Contact Insurance

Make contact with your auto insurance company within 24 hours of filing the police report.

4. Agent and Police Collaboration

The recovery device continuously transmits real-time location data to the vehicle recovery system. From there, recovery agents will communicate with police and assist in recovery. Until you receive a phone call from your local authorities, relax and rest assured that you’re in good hands.

5. Vehicle Return

Once the vehicle is located and retrieved, local authorities will contact you.

Vehicle Recovery with Elo GPS

Elo GPS empowers drivers with access to a vehicle recovery system complete with a real-time location device, mobile app, recovery agents, and 24/7 hotline. Have peace of mind knowing your vehicle’s recovery is in the most capable hands. 

Connect with our team to learn more about our advanced recovery process.