What Add-On Packages Should I Consider When Buying a Car?

Buying a car can be a significant investment, and it’s essential to consider what add-on packages will be best for your lifestyle ahead of time. In addition, with the rollout of subscription services for car add-ons by different car brands, consumers might need to reassess what they need for their day-to-day activities. So, let’s consider what add-on packages you should consider when buying a car, depending on your lifestyle. 

For the Outdoorsman 

If you love camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities, you’ll need a vehicle that can handle rugged terrain. A popular package for nature-lovers is the off-road package like you’ll find on the Chevy Colorado, which includes features like skid plates, extra storage boxes, a lifted suspension, and rugged tires. Another helpful add-on is a roof rack for camping gear, bicycles, or kayaks. Additionally, a durable all-weather floor mat package can help protect your vehicle’s interior from mud, dirt, and water. 

For the Road Tripper 

You’ll want a comfortable car for long drives if you enjoy road trips. Look for a package with features like adaptive cruise control, massaging heated and cooled seats, and a premium sound system. Also, think about getting a vehicle with extra space for your stuff. Space and built-in Wi-Fi hotspots are a great way to stay connected during long drives if you need to check in on work or desired entertainment.  

For the Commuter 

If you spend a lot of time driving in stop-and-go traffic, you’ll want a package with features like adaptive cruise control and lane departure warning or a semi-autonomous system like Nissan’s ProPILOT. These features can help reduce driver fatigue and make your daily commute more comfortable. Additionally, most vehicles now include Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, which can help stay connected while on the go. 

For the Winter Weather Lover 

If you live in an area with harsh winter weather, consider a package with all-wheel drive, heated seats, and a remote starter. These features can help you stay safe, warm, and comfortable during cold winter months. 

For the Hot Climate Lover 

If you live in a hot climate, look for a package with ventilated seats and a sunroof. A package with a powerful climate control system can also help keep you cool during the hot summer months. 

But Wait, There’s More 

Aside from the packages mentioned above, you should consider some exciting new tech packages dealers offer. One such package is the Elo GPS vehicle security system, which keeps your car protected from theft by providing a continuous accurate location of your vehicle and access to the Elo GPS stolen vehicle recovery hotline located right here in the continental United States. They’ll handle the recovery of your vehicle hands-on with your local law enforcement 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Elo GPS has the added benefit of helping you locate even a lost car, so gone are the days of endless searching in a big parking lot after a trip to the mall or a concert.  

Another useful add-on is the CarRx system, which can monitor your vehicle’s health and alert you to potential issues. With the ability to read over 19k health alerts, CarRx is the perfect system for those who want to truly know their car inside and out and stay on top of its health needs and safety. 

Assessing your lifestyle and prioritizing what add-ons will make your car experience safer and more enjoyable is important. So, whether you’re an outdoorsman, road tripper, or commuter, consider the new add-on packages and technology like Elo GPS and CarRX that can cater to your needs. And happy car shopping!